Structure built without a strong foundation has little ability to last in the long term. Likewise, athletic performance without a strong foundation in fundamental movement patterns can potentially limit an athlete's career due to injury or simply lacking the cornerstone needed to reach their peak performance.

Athletes are masters of compensatory behavior. When an injury occurs, the athlete is very efficient in working around, and through, the injury. This mentality is necessary for athletic success and should be reinforced during periods of competition. However, at the same time, this mentality may lead to accumulated compensations that ultimately lead to musculoskeletal dysfunction. Therefore, a careful balance between the benefits and the potential side-effects of this behavior needs to be addressed from a preventative, rehabilitative, and psychological perspective. Career longevity and optimal performance are dependent on this balance, and our goal is to assist our athletes in accomplishing this goal and promoting your success.

Dynamic Principles is an overall approach to athletic performance enhancement which recognizes the importance of general strength and conditioning, but also examines the quality of athletic motion. This approach works to identify individual biomechanical weakness and inefficient movement patterns present in an athlete; targeting areas which limit the body as a functional unit, in an effort to decrease the risk of injury and improve athletic performance.

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Leonard Van Gelder, AT, ATC, CSCS
Sport Performance Enhancement / Personal Training Consultant
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